ALAS chooses its government team, presided by Pedro Gallardo


The General Assembly of the Association ALAS (Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture), meeting last April 1 in Madrid, we chose the new team to lead the actions of the Alliance in the coming years. Pedro Gallardo de ASAJA was named President, and he will be accompanied by Vice Presidents, Juan Ignacio Senovilla (UPA) and José María Pozancos (FEPEX). Agustín Herrero (Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias) and Oscar Veroz (Spanish Association of Conservation Agriculture, Living Soils – AEAC S.V) also take into account the Board of Directors of the Association.

Pedro Gallardo, is currently the Vice President of ASAJA Nacional and President of ASAJA Cádiz, and will now reconcile his responsibilities with the Presidency of the newly formed Alliance.

Pedro and the ALAS team have the responsibility to give impetus to the Alliance, promoting a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable agricultural production and improving its capacity and efficiency, based on the use of technologies and technically supported agricultural production.

ALAS has a main purpose in the citizens, the consumers, the public representatives, the agricultural reality, the agricultural production and the cattle ranch, the feeding, the communication of the forms and the means of production of the agricultural sector, and the service of the forum of the meeting. and cooperation, between the public and private sectors, for the promotion of agricultural practices and sustainable agricultural technologies. ALAS has spent the past year a decalogue of realities and challenges of the Spanish agrarian panorama and its will to defend a model of sustainable production.

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