Basic foods go back to the Spanish shopping basket in September

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Meat, fish, milk, dairy products, bread, sugar and experimental oil all rose in sales of around 10%. With regard to fresh vegetables, the potato again enters the purchase plans; so do oranges, bananas, apples and pears, which begins to recover its space in front of the queens of summer, stone fruits, melons and watermelons. Products such as wine products, soft drinks, snacks, delicatessen and ice cream, moderate for consumption with the return of the Spanish, and their habits of life and habits.

The peculiarity of the “operation pantry” is that the return of the Spaniards to their places of residence provokes a rebound very concentrated in the time in the demand of basic products, among them many frescoes. The supermarkets of ASEDAS, the Spanish Association of Self-Service and Supermarket Distributors, have already prepared their logistics platforms to serve the millions of people who return to their homes in the first weeks of September. A logistical challenge in product management and organization of the store in which all the staff applies to, in less than seven days, move the offer of tourist areas to large cities.

The “operation pantry” is also reflected in online sales. The option to place orders, especially heavy and bulky products, to receive them at home coinciding with the return home is increasingly used. Although you can not talk about a sales tipvia e-commerce, purchases at the end of summer do exceed those that occur during the weeks of July and August.

“The way to absorb the peaks of demand that occurs at times such as the” operation of the pantry “, on the one hand, to have a deep knowledge of the consumer and its habits and, on the other, to guarantee a red, efficient logistics and with which , in an average of 21 hours, fresh products arrive from the countryside to the city with guarantees of safety and quality “, says Ignacio García Magarzo, General Director of ASEDAS.



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